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About Us

Lets Go Hunting

The name says it all! We are a South African based Hunting safari business. We specialise in all types of hunting Dangerous game, Plains game, Wing shooting, and Bush pigs. We also offer fishing and touring Safaris.



The founders of Let’s go Hunting Safaris grew up in Hunting families. Both the founders have hunted most of the plains game Africa has to offer and would love to share the excitement and thrills of Hunting African game. Our love and passion for Hunting and Fishing is the main reason we started Let’s go Hunting Safaris.

Our Goal

Our general goal at Let’s go Hunting safaris is to give YOU the client the most memorable African safari of a lifetime. Hunting in Africa is probably the biggest dream of all serious hunters from all around the world, and the Let’s go Hunting team are determined to turn that big dream into REALITY!! We offer you some of the very best qualified staff in the business, from the cooks to the PH that will be guiding your dream hunt. Giving you the best Hunting and Fishing Safari is not all we have to offer. We also give you and all of the Let’s go Hunting staff the chance of making lifelong friends..

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